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if i believe – i have convictions. 
if i act – i am convicted.

i am convicted is a story of reinvention, hope, redemption and a deep-rooted love discovered in the most unlikely of places.

Most importantly, it is a story of the realities of an antiquated, puritanical prison system built to criminalize and punish vs. rehabilitate and heal.

Based on the life and journey of Andy Dixon and Linda Polk, i am convicted takes us through the ghost of hard knocks and razor wire,  a life of crime and hustle, the influence of religious piety and codependency, and the strength discovered in self reliance and a calling to help others heal.

This is not the spit shined, sensationalized depictions of prison life we’re typically spoon fed by talking heads and the Hollywood hustle.

This is as real as it gets.

note - i am convicted is currently in progress, and I am actively working on finishing the first draft..


Title:  i am convicted
Publisher: TBD
Release: TBD
Genre: Adult, Creative Nonfiction
Topics: Prison / Reinvention and Redemption / Self Reliance / Rehabilitation
Length: TBD

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From Chapter 1:

Andy sits upright like a boy experiencing his first Christmas morning, the government issue metal slab and polyester groaning in protest.

He rubs each eye with the palm of a calloused hand to loosen the grip of sleep. It had arrived the night before fast but in fits, jousting with the anticipation of things to come.

He scans the concrete box, running a hand through salt-and-pepper hair a few times before launching into a well-practiced routine.

First, his uniform blues with a white stripe down the side – TN Dept. of Corrections tattooed to the fabric. Then, his brogans, the rough brown cowhide and hard rubber bootstrapped tight against his ankles.

He pulls on a shirt with no markings or writing, an institutional rarity given to a prisoner who reaches the pinnacle of rehabilitation.

Andy glides to a small mirror on the opposite wall, its edges clay-spotted with rust. The years have been moderately kind, a scar or two hugging his eyebrows, a strong profile born of Ireland and Sicily playing in the genetic sandbox. A smile 20 years in the waiting pushes the hairs of his goatee deep into the creases of his dimples.

All the inner soul searching, the discovery of self and transformation of culture and psyche, the molasses drip of life behind the razor wire – all has led to this moment.

He thinks of her and smiles even wider. She is whole and healed, a spiritual beacon in a place where even the thinnest of shadows can cut deep.

And she waits for Andy.


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