Welcome, welcome. Please come in, the water is warm (and no, I didn’t pee in it).

I forgot the fog machine and neon unicorn of destiny in my other pants (which I swear to only wear on occasion), so we’ll have to settle for a more straightforward introduction.

Cough (pulls shoulders back) …. My name is Brett Henley - and I am a writer (drops the mic).

Not a passion creativity inspiration life empowering coach consultant expert guru who also happens to write.

I am really just a writer who happens to do other shit as well (more on that below).

I know, I know - you were expecting impressively strategic copy with neon signs and trumpet bearers leading you down the page to a big fat promise of “finding your truth (and truck loads of money) in only 27.5 steps.”

Yeah, that’s just not my cup of tea.

For me, writing is the lens through which I explore what it really means to be human. Stories and the creative process are my frame for the chaos and dysfunction that comes with it.

It’s taken me 5 years of ups and downs and slogging through the creative journey to process the underlying meaning of what it means to take full ownership of this.

Which brings us to this whole “why we’re here” part of the equation.

I believe we need a hell of a lot more truth in our daily diets - not strategic truth, carbon copied truth or truth machine-gunned from the pez dispenser of online influence.

I’m talking the kind of truth that most people are terrified of. A truth that has no ceiling, holds nothing in chains, promises nothing in return but a direct reflection of what we are willing to give.

I create to better understand my relationship with this truth; to encourage and inspire other artists and creators like myself to cultivate it as a foundation of their work; and to offer anyone that desires a stronger connection to their humanity a little light to help them dig a bit deeper into the dark and scary shit we so often avoid.

What you’ll find here:

I write and publish books - both nonfiction and fiction.

I host a podcast that explores self awareness for artists and creators.

I write essays on the the intersection of creativity, humanity and truth on Medium

What you won’t find here:

Link bait, empty promises, surface-level manifestos offering success in a predetermined number of steps, email rabbit holes that lock you into an endless consumption cycle, smoke screens of hype offering you the latest and greatest guaranteed formula for success.

Honestly, if you’re looking for someone to tell you how to be creative, make money being creative or build a platform for making money teaching others how to be creative - I’m not your guy.

If you’re looking for a little more real (and not the strategic kind) in your diet - then I think you and I are going to be good friends.

For now, you can sign up below to be the first to know when this truth canoe hits the water. I'll be working on (hopefully) an October launch, so we'll be seeing each other real soon.

To truth,